Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Lite TWS Wireless Earphone Bluetooth 5.3 Call Noise Cancelling Long Battery Life IP54 Buds 4 Youth Edition


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Redmi buds 4 lite

Wireless connection: Bluetooth ™ 5.3

Communication distance: 10 meters

Net weight of single earphones: about 3.9g

Total weight including charging case: Approx. 34.55g

Headset life: Approximately 5 hours

Battery life with charging case: Approx. 20 hours

Headphone charging time: Approx. 2 hours

Charging case charging time: about 2 hours

Headset size: 32.24*18.22*19.63mm

Charging case size: 55.6*47.3*22.2mm

Charging interface: Type-C

Redmi buds 4 lite

Seven highlights, a sneak peek

39g light and half in ear | Multi color horizontal warehouse | Call noise reduction Intelligent extraction of human voices |

20 hours Long battery life |Smart Quick Connect MIUI12+ is supported|12mm large moving coil | Bluetooth 5.3

Trendy color contrast*Every time “open the lid”can bump into youthful vitality.

Added sunset orange, trend green colorful color scheme; Matte charging case to avoid contamination Fingerprints, combined with bright-colored headphone handles, are more trendy and vibrant.

Thin and light horizontal charging caseNo matter how small the pocket is, it can fit it.

Horizontal charging compartment for easier access to headphones; Only 22.2mm box thickness, Equivalent to the size of a pack of handkerchief paper, it is thin and compact, easy to carry.

Good sound quality, don’t wait for a moment

The 12mm double-layer composite diaphragm has a large dynamic circle, which brings great shock.The new Bluetooth 53 has lower latency and is morestable.

Good experience, stand the test

The battery life of the headset alone can be up to 5 hours, and that of theheadset with the charging box can be up to 20 hours. Type-c charginginterface, convenient for daily use.

IP54 rated dust and water resistant*Don’t be afraid of sweat splashes

The headphones are IP54 tested for dust and water resistance*, both everyday wear Diligent, or sweaty, can be intimately protected.

Cut songs, talkTap the headset and listen to the command immediately

Answer calls, play music, and other everyday operations by tapping the headset with one finger Back, can be realized; Press and hold theheadset with two fingers to start the game mode, Turn on/off the low latency feature.

MIUI Open Lid* Quickly pair mobile phones and tablets.

Open the charging case near your phone, and when the interface pops up, tap to pair quickly.A variety of tablet products under Xiaomi and Redmi can achieve one-click fast connection.

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